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I have extensive experience of working with a range of emotional and psychological difficulties, and with persons from diverse cultural worlds.

I am particularly experienced in helping persons who are:

• experiencing anxiety, social fears & panic attacks
• suffering from depression
• coping with the consequences of trauma
• victims of abuse, neglect or bullying
• undergoing stress, low self-esteem or lack of confidence
• experiencing relationship difficulties
• grieving for the loss of a loved one
• suffering from excessive shyness, passivity or poor self-confidence
• struggling with irrational thoughts or impulsive behaviour


Over the years I have developed a unique set of skills in working with certain issues. By ‘unique’ I mean that I developed my own theoretical models, interventions and ideas unlike anything you would find in standard clinical textbooks. The two areas where I have done this are:

• obsessions and compulsions
• work-related difficulties

If you are suffering from obsessive thoughts that you cannot control, I invite you to ask about my approach to this very distressing condition. Similarly, if you feel compelled to repeat certain behaviours and would like to break the cycle, please enquire about my method of working.

I can also help if your difficulties are related to your work. I have extensive experience in working with persons suffering from burnout, chronic fatigue, work related stress, disappointment in and unhappiness with their chosen career. You are welcome to contact me for more information about my expertise in this area.

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